HEZACO   GRAPHICS   SCHOOL   is   designed   to   help   people   of   all   ages   most   especially   the   Youths   who   have   a   passion   for   Graphics   design   and   printing   towards reaching   their   goal   in   the   Printing   Business.   At   HEZACO   Graphics   School   we   understand   that   one   of   the   reasons   why   a   lot   of   people   out   there   are   having problems   with   learning   Digital   graphics   designs   and   printing   is   having   the   basic   knowledge   of   the   package   application   and   the   openness   of   the   trainer   to reveal   the   hidden   aspect   of   the   Corel   graphics   suites   and   Photoshop.   Irrespective   of   what,   when,   how   and   where   you   choose   to   study,   with   Hezaco   graphics School we guarantee that everything is quality and our dedicated staff are at hand to provide you with the help and support you need.
Our    Graphic    Design    and    Printing     training    is    designed    for    both beginners   to   the   Graphic   Design   profession   and   those   seeking   to improve    their    skills    and    further    their    career    in    the    industry. Whatever   your   reason   for   venturing   into   graphic   design   and   printing HEZACO   Graphics   School   is   tailored   to   meet   your   need(s).      Our approach   to   training   is   self-paced,   to   allow   our   trainees   to   work through   the   courses   at   their   own   speed   whether   you   choose   to study at our local training centre or via our e-learning route. Since our inception, we have trained over seven thousand (7,000) students via our online route. The training covered areas in Corel Draw and Photo shopping. Trainees had a chance to learnin their preferred language choice such as; - English Language, Hausa or Pidgin English.The format allowed every learner to have an understanding of the application of Digital design Enjoy a feel of some of the services we provide via our Tutorial, Projects and Product Sections.